CLUTCH Tension Strap - Desert Tan
CLUTCH Tension Strap - Desert Tan
CLUTCH Tension Strap - Desert Tan

CLUTCH Tension Strap - Desert Tan

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Super tough and flexible, even at cold temperatures, CLUTCH Tension Straps are more versatile and reliable than zip ties or duct tape, and it’s always a good idea to have a few with you.  Our Desert Tan colour option is ideal for tactical applications, or simply for a more low-profile look.

Available in three convenient sizes.  The 16” Tension Strap is ideal for cords, pvc, and smaller gear in the field. The 20” Tension Strap is the go-to strap size for most needs in the field or at home. The 26” Tension Strap is best for larger projects and heavy-duty needs.

  • Non-marring, non-conductive, strong grip, holds tight
  • Works in extreme temperatures: Down to -40F and up to 250F
  • Incredibly strong: Holds up to 90lbs
  • Lightweight: 24g / 27g / 32g
  • Adjustable: Min diameter 16.25mm, max diameter 100mm / 150mm / 190mm
  • Materials: Polyurethane strap and fiberglass-filled nylon buckle
  • Dimensions: 20X400mm / 20X500mm / 20X650mm
  • Designed in Canada


Customer Reviews

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Paula D. (York Village, US)
Work well!

Purchased for skis and the straps work as advertised.

A tough strap for extra strong security of your deck furniture.

received this product free from Influenster and Clutch in exchange for my honest opinion. The thing that I like about the strap is that it is strong and flexible. The thing that I don’t like about it was to put it together as it was difficult at first but I figured it out how to secure the strap. I used it for my hanging egg chair to secure it so that the strong windstorm doesn’t blow it away. I moved the chair a few time to make sure it is secured tightly and it doesn’t move around at all. I
would definitely recommend this product to those people that are looking for something to keep things together and organized or to secure their deck furniture. I would definitely buy this product in the future.

Keeps things secure!

I received this product free from Influenster and Clutch in exchange for my honest review.

I like how this tension strap from Clutch keeps things secure. I use it to secure extension cords in my garage so they’re not all over the place. It’s got great flexibility and it’s very easy to use! Highly recommend these for anything you need to keep in place!

Its stong!

This arrived while i was on vacation and just got back and had a chance to use it. It reminds me of a watch band. I used it on a yoga mat and of course it was fine because it wqs light. Then I tried it on a very heavy 100ft extension cord and it did not unravel! Iit held up beautifully! I even held the extension cord from the clutch strap and it was extremely strong. So surprised. Will definitely be buying these for various uses around the house.

It holds stuff!

I have tested out this tension strap a few times and it really holds. I have used it to strap smaller bags to my main back pack or to bunch a blanket together and hold it on my beach chair that I wear like a backpack.

Its so simple to use and allows me to keep my hands free to wrangle my children while we are out and about. Super versatile and sturdy material so I am expecting this to last us for a lot of seasons. (I tested in summer so beach days and hikes)